Founded in 2011, Ottawa Pinball was an assembly of local arcade collectors, enthusiasts, and operators whose primary focus was to host and promote an exhibition of pinball and arcade games in Canada’s national capital region.

  In June of 2011, the very first Ottawa Pinball & Gameroom Show opened it doors, and fully captured the sights and sounds of the once iconic arcade experience. The warm reception from attendees and participants, and the satisfaction of emulating a lost cultural icon to the generations of youth experiencing it for the first time, proved that this needed to be an annual event.

  The continued success of the Ottawa Pinball & Gameroom Show inspired greater focus to all things involved in the arcade and gaming industry. From location operations, repair and restoration services, to promoting and preserving the rich history and cultural impact the silver ball has had on North American art, music, and popular culture.

  In 2014, Ottawa Pinball teamed up with local musicians/entrepreneurs at Meatlocker Records, who were opening a new live music venue, but also wanted to offer a unique dining and entertainment experience. The meticulous and labor intensive work needed to craft songs, restore pinball machines, and hand made gourmet perogies became the thread that tied three completely unrelated trades together, creating a truly unique experience.  April 17, 2014: The legendary House of TARG was born.

  Ottawa Pinball & Amusements now offers home repairs, sales, trades, restorations, upgrades, location services, as well as hosting the annual Ottawa Pinball & Gameroom Show