Ottawa Pinball & Gameroom Show
Nepean Sportsplex (Halls A&B) @ 1701 Woodroffe Avenue


Pinball Show Hours – Saturday, September 2nd 11AM-11PM, Sunday, September 3rd 9AM-6PM

Tournament Qualifying - Saturday, September 2nd from 11AM-7PM. Last entry must be started by the cutoff time.

Tournament Finals - Sunday, September 3rd from 10AM



Show Admission - $20 per day / $15 12 years old and under

Bring a game for the freeplay or tournament area and receive a free weekend pass!

Qualifying Entries - First 2 entries are free and 2/$5 thereafter. 1 entry represents one single score submission. Best 4 entries are counted for standings.



Single Division 

Best Game Qualifying Format (aka Herb aka Pump & Dump) – refer to http://papa.org/learning-center/directors-guide/
Director’s Guide – PAPA.ORG
Leveling: Every game should be level in a tournament setting with no exceptions. It is also important to remember the playfield of all games should be leveled, not ...

Qualifying Bank of 8-12 pins from all eras

Entries Counted for Standings – Best 4

PAPA Style Scoring - 100 points for the best overall score on a game, 90 points for the second highest score on a game, 85 points for the third highest score, and then decreasing by one point per position down to zero.

Finals will take place at 10AM on Sunday for the top 24 qualifiers. The top 8 qualifiers will get a bye for the first round of finals. The format for the finals is head-to-head single elimination, best of 5 matches per round. 

For each match, top seed will have choice of game or play order. The other player will have choice of whichever their opponent did not pick. For each game after the first, the loser of the previous game has choice of game or play order. When choosing a game, there will be no waiting. Players must choose an open game.

All rulings and malfunctions will be decided on by the unified IFPA/PAPA rules – refer to http://www.ifpapinball.com/menu/rules/
PAPA/IFPA Tournament Rules
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Top 3 players will receive medals. Prize pool is determined by entirely the entry fees take. All entry fees collected will be paid back to players net of nominal expenses only (ie. medal engraving).