Pinball History Exhibit

The history of pinball can be traced from the earliest roots of the 18th century bagatele to the first of the late-19th century saloon machines, to the introduction of the coin mechanism in 1931 that truly turned pinball into the powerhouse that it eventually became. The Pin History booth features numerous examples of machines as early as 1931 to showcase the evolution of technology that led to what we see in modern pinball. We also include the global evolution, like the pachinko machines of Japan and the wall-mounted gambling machines of Europe, as all regions co-evolved and helped bring what is known as modern pinball to life.

Explore the history of pinball with us through 88 year-old machines, their history amongst gambling devices and trade stimulators, and how they became the machines of skill they are today.

~ Caitlin Pascal

Historical Exhibit:

Lion MFG(Pre-Bally) Goofy
Who's Goofy (Bootleg Goofy)
1931 Gottlieb Baffle Ball
1932 Gottlieb Cloverleaf
1932 Bally Goofy
1933 Exhibit Supply Select-Em
1933 Bally Blue Ribbon
1933 Poolette
1934 Bally Signal Jr
1934 PAMCO Contact Master
1937 Genco Junior
1946 United Havana
1947 Gottlieb Humpty Dumpty
1950 Culp Bridge Ball
1952 Williams Hong Kong
1953 Gottlieb Skill Pool
1954 Williams Spitfire
1954 Williams Regatta
1954 Cue-Tee
1955 Williams Jolly Joker

The American and European upright machines...
1930 Fields Five Jacks
1931 Pace Base Ball
1931 Pace Whiz Ball
1964 Wulff Rialto
1972 Chicago Coin Mini-Baseball
1930s Ballwin

Which leads into the Japanese pachinko machines...
スマートボール (Smart Ball)
1964 Daiwa Pachinko
1975 Satomi Arrangeball
1978 Haiwa Pachinko
2015 Ranma 1/2 (CRA羽根らんま1/2R)
Club Rave Pachislo